Illustrated Alphabet Tea Towel – Front Paper
Illustrated Alphabet Tea Towel
Illustrated Alphabet Tea Towel

Illustrated Alphabet Tea Towel

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This tea towel features my new illustrated animal alphabet print! Printed on a cotton/linen blend, the colours are vibrant and beautiful and it's also really absorbent (KEY for a tea towel). Each one is hand trimmed and finished by my Mom and I here in Saskatoon.

The illustrations are also available here as printable versions. Each illustration contains a creature and a plant that corresponds with each letter. See the full list below!

Size: 17 x 24.5 inches wide (roughly, they vary a little bit)

Recommended care instructions: Wash on either a warm or cool delicate wash setting with a phosphate-free detergent. If you do iron it, iron on the back of the printed side.

Letter List

A is for Avocet and Aster
B is for Banana Slug and Banana Tree
C is for Cat and California Poppy
D is for Dormouse and Deutzia
E is for Elegant Crested Tinamou and Echinacea
F is for Fox and Frangipani
G is for Gazelle and Goldenrod 
H is for Hermit Crab and Hosta
I is for Ibis and Iris
J is for Jackrabbit and Jerusalem Artichoke
K is for Koala and King Protea
L is for Lorikeet and Larkspur
M is for Monarch and Mimosa
N is for Narwhal and Nytophyllum Punctatum
O is for Octopus and Oxalis
P is for Peacock and Passionflower
Q is for Quokka and Queen Anne's Lace
R is for Red Panda and Rudbeckia
S is for Seahorse and Strawflower
T is for Tamarin and Trachelium
U is for Umbrella Bird and Umbrella Tree
V is for Vampire Squid and Violet
W is for Walrus and Wisteria
X is for Xerus and Xerophyllum
Y is for Yorkie and Yarrow
Z is for Zebra Finch and Zephranthes Candida

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