Our Story - Front Paper

A Little Bit About FP

Front Paper is a Canadian stationery company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The person behind the business is Elizabeth Roth, a graphic designer and political scientist who decided to heed the siren call of stationery.

With Front Paper, she finally gets to do her favourite parts of design school -illustration, lettering and combining the magic of technology with more traditional techniques.

All of the illustrations and type are hand drawn and painted with gouache (and the occasional Micron) before they are scanned in and prepared digitally for printing. All products are printed locally in Saskatoon on offset (cards) or digital (prints and notepads) presses.

Front Paper is rooted in a deep love of the printed good. Elizabeth’s work is meant to evoke the wonder of childhood discovery and joy - to echo the memories of childhood books and treasure hunts in the park. Her goal is to make practical and accessible art that brings colour and joy into your hands.

With its products, Front Paper gives you a tangible way to tell people they matter to you and gives the receiver something to touch and keep that makes them feel thought of and cared for.

These are pieces to give to the people you love.

A Little Bit About Our Practices

Everything that gets printed at/by FP is printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. All of the sleeves are made out of 100% plant-based material and are compostable. Our new shipping materials are from EcoEnclose, but we also re-use whatever boxes, envelopes and shipping materials we're able to and are working hard to eliminate any plastic use as a company.

We work with a local printer in Saskatoon, SK to print all of our products.

In short, the whole life cycle of our products really matter to us - and we do our best to be as thoughtful, sustainable and ethical as we can be.