Our Story

 I didn’t think of myself as someone who could ever be an entrepreneur. Thankfully, I realized that was ridiculous, which freed me up to pursue what I really wanted, building a company that combined my love of illustration, typography and stationery with just and sustainable business practices.

That company is Front Paper, a Canadian stationery company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and launched in December 2017 with its first line of 16 greeting cards. All of the illustrations and type are hand drawn and painted (with gouache) before they are scanned and prepared digitally for printing. The cards are then printed on an offset press in Saskatoon.

These are cards to give to the people you love.

With its cards, Front Paper gives you a tangible way to tell people they matter to you; something for them to touch and keep that makes them feel loved, thought of and cared for.

The illustrator and designer of Front Paper is Elizabeth Roth, a graphic designer and political scientist turned illustrator and letterer. Her work stems from a deep love of stationery and the printed good, typography, children's books and vintage advertisements. Keeping her company while she works are endless podcasts, audiobooks and the occasional Netflix binge.